Funny Canadian Road signs.

Took pictures of these Canadian road signs that made us laugh – or at least notice them from the clutter of driving advice.

This post is dedicated to our dear friend Schoene Mahmood. Who, in addition to being an incredible person, is also a fan a funny road signs.

While I appreciate the warning, it does beg the question, why are pedestrians on the highway?


We thought this was the strangest sign of the trip (the funniest is below). This was warning motocyclists about the cattle guard (called “Texas Ramps” in Canada), but the picture is priceless.


This was classic. We loved the fact that it looks like an adult is jamming a beer bottle into his eye. So we did the appropriate thing and re-enacted it in the following picture.



This just looks like it would be on a t-shirt.


We loved the specificty of this sign: don’t feel the bighorn sheep.



2 responses to “Funny Canadian Road signs.

  1. Hi guys,
    This post made my day, especially your version of the “beer bottle-in-my-eye” picture. Sounds like you’re having a great trip.

    • Marc and James

      Ha ha! That was just a classic sign – glad you liked it! It was a great trip, there just aren’t enough positive words to describe it.

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